RC Racecar

There are so many type of homemade car. We focus on racecars for a track on a flat inside floor but there are so many more type of cars a student can choose based on their own interests and skills.

  • Off-road cars, complex with suspension focused on going fast over bumpy terrain
  • Hill climbing cars, high torque car with lots of grip
  • battlebots, fighting car with devices to destroy the other battlebot
  • tank treads, treads allow cars to drive in mud and snow
  • drag racer, focus on high speed straight racing
  • drift car, car made to drift often with low friction rear wheels
  • robot Autonomous cars, focused on the microcontroller, programming, sensors needed for a car to drive itself, and be tested in many environments and different tasks
  • Other more advanced vehicles, after building a car why not a hovercraft, boat, or airplane

examples of cars we have made

Rubber band drive car with single wheel front steering. Very simple car that works well. There is no differential on the back so this car has difficulty with share turns. Single front wheel is prone to damage when crashing into walls.

More complex 2 wheel front steering. This requires the student to design a complex assembly on the computer and 3D print and assemble several parts. Single wheel rear drive with 3D printed gears that are prone to locking up. Car has great tight steering.

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