School Makerspaces

We work hard to set up Makerspaces at schools in Trondheim Norway. We offer many services to get new makerspaces setup or help boost makerspaces at schools that need extra help. We also support makerspace that are up and running with teacher training and support.

Our focus is on maximum learning benefit for students with the lowest cost. We use alot of low cost materials (recycled electronics, hot glue, cardboard) to reduce the cost of running the makerspace while also teaching students about recycling. Students feel more confident trying new things if failing will only cost them some cardboard. We also encourage student to take ownership of the makerspace and build things to make life better for the students (games for student to play, 3D printers). We find that if students design and build their own 3D printers they are surprised at their own ability to build something so complex that they initially through they were unable to make. This gives student confidence to more complex and interesting projects.

Services we offer

  • setting up a new makerspace
    • setting up that space
    • support on what to buy from resistors to 3D printers and everything in between
    • support to get students excited about building things to help the makerspace like their own 3D printers
    • support on what project to focus on with the students
    • support with teacher training, makerspace classes with teacher working on projects
  • Help for currently running makerspace
    • inventory of what the makerspace has and what is needed
    • review current of makerspace classes to suggest improvements to help improve student engagement and reaching learning objectives
    • We can come in to teach makerspace classes like build your own RC 3D printed car and race it

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